Spring Demo 2013

by Corkscrew

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Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Matthew Brown, in the month of February 2013.


released May 20, 2013



all rights reserved


Corkscrew Gary, Indiana


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Track Name: Anxiety
Some days I cant get out of bed
Feels like theres a gun to my head
Bitter thoughts inside my mind
Whats the Point why even try

Caving in I'm seeing red
You fucks should just drop dead
Solitude seems bittersweet
When you're stuck at the brink

Paranoia's running through my veins
I lost my mind I'm going insane
You dont fucking know me
So don't pick my brain
Track Name: Scum
I'm fucking sick of the way you do things
Constantly hiding the truth and the shit talking
Theres only so much more I can fucking take

I dont like the spit in my face
or the fucking blood on your hands
You're always complaing about shit
That no one understands

You're a stupid piece of shit, fuck you

You're always judging from your pedastal
Your silver platter never looked so fucking empty
You finally bit the hand that feeds
Track Name: No Hope
You showed me no love
You gave me no hope
You pushed me down too many times before

You've pushed me down for the last time
Run and hide with the fear in your eyes

No love
No hope
Quick to judge
When push turns to shove

Dead and gone the damage is done
Living in this life
With the pressure you put on yourself

You cant control everything
Track Name: Itch
Fight the urge

You pour your problems from the bottle
A little too much is hard to swallow
You pick your posion yeah you pick your poison thats right
Fight the urge inside your head

You're constantly letting me down more and more everyday
No remorse for this world
Forced to believe the lies you told yourself
And now you're in a hole